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draw freely
Latest stable version: 0.48.4 Download Now!
Open Source Scalable Vector Graphics Editor

Official Release Packages

Stable release 0.48.4 intended for production use is available:

Download any of the above (as well as .sig files and previous releases) at the Sourceforge Downloads page, or through your distro's update capabilities.

Please let us know about packages for other platforms or distributions, and we will add them as we receive information.

Development Versions

For those wishing to use the latest and greatest "bleeding edge" features and willing to risk more instability, or those wishing to test out the newly added code to help identify and debug problems in the code, access is provided to the development versions. Use at your own risk, and please report bugs you find!

Compiled Packages

If you don't want to compile the code yourself, use the nightly build for your system:



Mac OS X: no nightly builds are currently available for this system.

Please note that builds may not be available on days when there are compilation issues for some platforms. Rarely, a build may not run. If you notice either situation, please report ASAP so it can be investigated and fixed.

Source Code Packages

You can also obtain the source code and compile it yourself, in one of several ways:


Package Signatures

Some of the packages have been signed by the packager. Here is where to find their GPG public keys: